Sunday, 24 August 2014

A picture's worth 1000 words … week 34 ...

A photo a day … every day … in 2014.

Day 229:  Are they flying south?

Day 230:  Not a black and white shot … just a gloomy old day.

Day 231:  Braced for impact.

Day 232:  I see you watching me watching you!

Day 233:  Now that's just disturbing … Happy Birthday Hubby!

Day 234:  Looking for a home in a sunny location?

Day 235:  The boys being particularly sociable at Nana and Pops'.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

A practical guide to purchasing the perfect birthday gift … not ...

It's Hubby's birthday!

So salutations for the day … you jolly good fellow … you don't look a day older … blah, blah, blah … now lets get to the bit about birthdays that people really like … well apart from the cake that is … the gifts!!

Hubby insisted that there were to be no birthday gifts this year … and let's face it he really doesn't deserve any … what with the jetting off to New York in a weeks time … WITHOUT ME!  But I hesitated on taking him at his word.  After all, I for one, cannot forget the year we both decided to forgo the Xmas gift giving  … and to save our money for something we really needed in the after Xmas sales.  How was I to know that "let's not buy each other Christmas presents this year … but save the money to buy something we really need from the after Xmas sales" was really code for "go out and buy me loads of things so I'll get lots and lots of pressies under the tree".  Turns out only one of us understood the real interpretation of these words … and it wasn't me.  The ensuing sulk lasted for at least three weeks … and still raises it's quivering bottom lip at times.

So I wasn't going to fall for that one again … oh no!   Well I almost did … I did leave it till the day before his birthday … at which time the guilts about there being nothing for him to open in the morning inconveniently struck.  But at such a late stage I couldn't be bothered going all the way to the shopping centre … which in turn only left me with the local supermarket as my gift buying destination.

But I remained calm in the crisis … and like the "ready for anything" survivalist I am … I made the best of the situation.

Hubby got some dark chocolate … because he's the only one that eats it … so the chances that he'll get to enjoy it all to himself are fairly high. But it does look good … maybe I'll just try one piece row.

He got something brand new to wear on his big day.  After all, it just makes you feel good about yourself to have something special to wear … doesn't it!?!

He got a packet of Red Rock Deli Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream chips … because they're his faves … and I'm a good wife that aims to please … besides they were on special.

He got a box of tea bags … cause he loves to drink tea … maybe not as much as he likes to drink fancy, exotic imported beer … but beggars can't be choosers … even on their birthday!

And everyone knows that the very best gifts are the ones that are a perfect combination of things you want and things you need … so I got him a packet of AA batteries … cause the wireless mouse is running precariously low on charge!!!

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Now before you all start feeling sorry for him ... let me take a moment to regale you with the tale of the very first gift he ever gave me.

We were young and carefree … and in the exciting, heady throes of a new romance when he went off on holiday … WITHOUT ME!  Mmmm … seems there is a bit of a pattern emerging here.   But let's get back to the gift … he jetted off to Bali for a little vacation … but he brought me home a gift that was presented to me with great pride.

A fluorescent green g-string bikini bottom.

Now I'm not sure what I found the most offensive.

That he thought I was the type of girl that would cavort around topless in a fluorescent green g-string bikini bottom … or that he bought it in a size extra large!!!

Just for the record … I'm not the type of girl that cavorts around topless in a fluorescent green g-string bikini bottom … my skin is much too fair!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

A picture's worth 1000 words … week 33 ...

A photo a day … every day … in 2014.

Day 222:  Martha Stewart I ain't!

Day 223:  How eggcellent.

Day 224:  I can sing a DOUBLE rainbow!

Day 225:  The other side of the lens.

Day 226:  This naughty doggy re-enacted The Great Escape today … he had me chasing him all over the neighbourhood … TWICE!

Day 227:  Fresh as a daisy.

Day 228:  Who needs enemies when you've got a big brother?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I'm going bananas ...

Hubby is on a health kick at the moment … so he's been buying lots of bananas.

He hasn't been eating them … just buying them.

Now we all know the drill with bananas … don't we … it goes something like this …

Luckily I managed to catch this bunch about 48 seconds before they reached the absolute point of no return.

And because I'm not on a health kick I decided to turn them into a cake … which is my personally favourite way of getting my 2 servings of fruit each day.

I used a recipe from this delightful book.

It's an Australian Women's Weekly publication … and as a community service I will let you know that the Australian Women's Weekly always has the best recipes for everything.

I gave this book to Hubby for his birthday one year … because I wanted it … that's how we roll around here.  Which kind of explains how I managed to get a BBQ for Christmas.

Here's the actual recipe … in case you have a bunch of overripe bananas too.

Follow the recipe … shove it in the oven … and ta-da …

Yummy, scrummy banana cake.

The recipe suggested passionfruit icing, but a) I didn't have any passionfruit and b) I prefer cream cheese frosting … so that's what I made.

Would you like a slice?

Hubby had two slices after dinner last night … so I guess he managed to get his banana intake after all!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

A picture's worth 1000 words … week 32 ...

A photo a day … every day … in 2014.

Day 215:  Just a little bit frosty this morning.

Day 216:  However did we do homework before Google was invented?

Day 217:  Who's been sleeping in my bed?

Day 218:  Last light.

Day 219:  Please feed me … can't you see I'm fading away to a shadow!

Day 220:  Moon in a smoky sky.

Day 221:  Saturday morning driving lesson … I'm the one in the back with the white knuckled grip.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Licence renewals and other important government business ...

So I had to renew my Driver's Licence last week.

It's always an enjoyable task … NOT ... because it always involves waiting in a very long line … getting a really bad photo taken … and then paying an extremely large amount of money for the  pleasure.  It doesn't seem to matter what time of the day you decide to go either … there is always a long line … personally I have a theory that the authorities hire a rent a crowd to make themselves appear popular.

Anyhoo, last week it was time to renew my licence … and I very nearly forgot all about it … which could have been catastrophic.  I may have been involved in an accident, or been booked for speeding, or committed some other traffic infraction … and I most certainly would have needed a current driver's licence.  Fortunately I didn't … I wasn't … I wasn't  … and I didn't … but hey I could have!

As it turned out I managed to recall my impending expiry with 24 hours to spare and I made my way off to the relevant authorities at pace.  It was there that I discovered a brand new, cutting edge modification has been made to the licence photo procedure … you are no longer allowed to smile.  Best that we all look like criminals in mug shots … in order to keep the police on their toes.

So as I received my new licence it suddenly occurred to me that I could get a little blogging mileage out of this.  I would get out all my old photo licences and scan them into the computer.  Then I could create a clever collage to show my progression throughout the years … changing hairstyles … wrinkle development … etc, etc.  I could then post them on here … and we could all have a jolly good laugh at my expense.

Of course what I didn't take into account was that I wouldn't be able to find my old photo licences and that I would turn the house upside down in a fruitless and increasingly anxious search.  During which I would become entirely frustrated because I know … I just know ... I have kept them hoarded away somewhere … but I'll be blowed if I know where that somewhere is.

In the end I only managed to find the three most recent … which showed how I have boringly kept almost the exact same hairstyle for the last ten years … and defeated the entire purpose altogether.

But I'm forcing you to look at them anyway … cause I didn't go to all that bother for nothing!!

Drum roll please …

I give you Jo, circa 2004 …

Jo, circa 2009 …

And last … and entirely least … Jo, circa 2014…


Now that was worth it … wasn't it.

In other equally unexciting news, Master 14 was given some homework by his English teacher to redesign the Australian Coat of Arms.

So I came up with … I mean HE came up with this one …

So much better than the original … I'm sure you'd agree ;0)

G'day Mate!

PS.  I just noticed this is my 500th post … YAY ME!!!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Stitchin and a Bitchin ...

It's early August … and that can only mean one thing in these parts … it's time for my annual weekend away.  A rollicking two days filled with good old fashioned stitching, bitching, overeating and alcoholic consumption.

There is a simple formula for a successful stitch and bitch.

You need to collect up an excessive amount of stuff … things you will need … and lots of things you won't need … but better take … just in case … cause you just never know.  You're only going for two days … but it is imperative that you pack as if you're leaving home for a month.

Amongst all this stuff you will include a "project" … now if you are an avid and motivated stitcher you will have a new and exciting project every year.  If you are me however, you will be working on the same project for the fourth year running.

You load all this stuff in your car … and head south … pausing briefly in the "big smoke" to pick up your fellow stitcher/bitcher … sister Juliet.  Now it is very important to head south … because when you are planning a getaway from the winter blues … it's imperative that you head in the direction of the coldest weather possible.

Upon your arrival you set up your sewing machine … and settle in for a weekend of serious crafting.

Oops … how did that get in here.

There will be other crafters there … and they will be doing clever, crafty things … things they have not been dawdling over for four years.

You will sew a bit … and drink a bit …

and then you will somehow manage to con your sister into believing that her time would be much better spent helping you out with your project than working on one of her own.

Then if you manage to stay on track just long enough … and survive the cold nights and frosty mornings …

you might … you just might … have something to show for your weekend away.

Hurrah … success!

Of course now it just has to be quilted … but that's a post for another four years time.